TalentTage Ruhr

Jun 12, 2023

We are part of the TalentTage Ruhr!

On Tuesday, September 19th, from 10 to 12 a.m. we will be offering  a workshop on “Ultrasound Imaging and Deep Learning” for high school students.

Observing the heartbeat, detecting the thyroid gland, or measuring the flow rate of blood in the blood vessels – ultrasound allows a non-invasive view into the living body. We not only illustrate the physical principles of ultrasound, but also focus on the technical aspects of imaging. We will explain what artificial intelligence or deep learning (DL) actually is, and show examples of how DL can be usefully applied to ultrasound imaging. You will get to know laboratories and experimental setups and may also perform your own recordings.

Every year since 2014, the TalentTage Ruhr has bundled and presented exciting offers for talent development throughout the Ruhr region.