Light Guiding

Jan 5, 2023

Funded by the DFG and in a joint work with the Chair of Photonics and Terahertz Technology, Volodymyr Rohovets investigates how to increase the penetration depth of light into tissue by inducing refractive index patterns with ultrasound.

Optical imaging does not require ionizing radiation and may provide rich biochemical information by spectroscopic analysis. However, penetration depth of light into tissue – mainly due to scattering – is a key limiting factor to the wider clinical applicability of, e.g., photoacoustic imaging. We aim for creation of ultrasound induced refractive index patterns that act as a lens with focusing capabilities to promote light delivery deeper into the tissue. This way, not only the imaging depth of photoacoustic imaging could be increased, but also optical methods for tissue treatment (e.g., laser surgery) may be improved.