Photography and video recording at the event

Our events are accompanied by photography and video recordings. By attending the event the participants declare their consent that Ruhr University Bochum may use photographic and video material taken before, during or after the event for the purpose of press and public relations on its website and on its social media channels. They are informed about the recording of photos and videos at the time of registering for the event and if the event is open to the public by signs at the entrances to the event.


The photos and video recordings may be stored, processed and distributed and processed locally, nationally and internationally. In particular, the recordings are shared in social media beyond journalistic reporting. By entering the event location, you agree that you may also be recognizable on these recordings.


In particular, the


right of reproduction, exhibition and distribution (§§ 16-18 UrhG),

right to broadcast, present, perform and demonstrate (§§ 19, 20 UrhG),

right of reproduction by means of image or sound carriers (§ 21 UrhG),

right of reproduction of radio broadcasts (§ 22 UrhG),

as well as the rights under § 27 and § 54 UrhG


are transferred.

Objection and deletion of recordings and photos

During the event you can contact the photographer to object to being recorded. You may be asked to leave the event if this objection would disturb the event and its recording.


You can write at any time to


Chair for Medical Engineering
Building ID 04 / 233
Postbox 22
Universitätsstraße 150
44801 Bochum 


to object to recordings on which you are depicted and which we have made. We will then change, delete or cease further distribution. In the case of photos taken by other participants, please contact the authors directly.