M. Sc. Thomas Lisson
ID 04/221
+49 (0) 234 32 27804
Thomas Lisson was born in 1995 in Salzgitter, Germany. He studied medical physics at the TU Dortmund with focus on medical imaging and clinical medical physics. Thomas graduated as Master of Science in 2021 with his master’s thesis on "Improving the Visibility of Microbubbles in 3D Ultrasound Images" at the Chair of Medical Engineering.

In August 2021, Thomas joined the Chair of Medical Engineering as PhD candidate. His research focuses on super resolution ultrasound imaging in 3D with matrix array transducers and microbubbles as contrast agents. This includes the adaption of imaging sequences (e.g. different nonlinear imaging modes) for optimal imaging of microbubbles, as well as improvement of the post processing steps for better super resolution images.